BCANN is a DAO for Blockchain domains

BCANN is a decentralized blockchain domain name community. Founded in August 2018, BCANN is a non-profit international organization that brings together experts from the global blockchain community, business, technology and academic fields. BCANN is responsible for coordinating the blockchain unique identifier system and its secure and stable operation on a global scale. Including block chain protocol (BIP) address space allocation, protocol identifier assignment, blockchain domain name root system and decentralized identity system construction and management.

Organization and management form of BCANN: In the form of DAO organization, blockchain names and numbers are allocated to each participant of DAO community in the way of democratic voting, and underlying technical support is provided.


Based on this, users can use blockchain-based products and services better, faster and more convenient. In the future, BCANN will extend users' IP rights to the entire metaverse.

Bcann is a decentralized non-profit DAO organization that develops standards and related protocols for blockchain name and address assignment.

Members of BcannDao are: domain name registered users, agents, registrars, registration regitsty, experts, scholars, lawyers, investment banks; Technical developer at Bcann: BcannCore

The executive body of the DAO: The BCANN DAO Executive Committee, which is elected by the DAO members. Vote and perform work on the following DAO issues:
Name and number assignment
Rules and dispute resolution
Other major DAO affairs

Bcann is a non-profit organization. However, a member of BcannDAO, BcannCore, is a commercial technology organization responsible for the technical development, management, and operation of the Bcann project.

One Metaverse,One Blockchain.

Our website: https://bcann.org