Development and application of DID

DID Smart Contract, based on BCANN authentication domain name and KYC service of BCANN-DID. Take .Meta domain name certified by BCANN as an example:

A domain based authentication method, which is characterized by:
1. The web3 domain name registered by the user: abc.meta, which has been bound with the address (public key) of the above ETH and written on the blockchain;
2. The property right of the domain name is permanent, and the public key information bound is fixed and cannot be changed;
3. In this wallet address, assets with the same property are held: for example, social identity BAYC, or game assets;
4. Users submit identity certificates to a game community in the form of abc.meta;
5. The game community will consult the address bound by abc.meta and submit verification information to the address;
6, the user in the wallet signature verification;
7. After receiving the signature, the game community successfully verifies the signature in the form of abc.meta, and verifies the assets under abc.
8. The user logs in the game community successfully, and the user name is displayed as: abc.meta;
9. Call abc.meta's avatar information or other information about game attributes on ipfs;
10. abc.meta is a form of identity for users to represent themselves in the game industry.