Bcann's economic model

Bcann's economic model: Accept donation
BCAAN is a non-profit, decentralized autonomous organization (DAO);

BCAAN standard setting, resource integration, community operation; Code development, technical operation and maintenance work, need strong consensus of financial support; All funds shall be kept within BcannDao and all expenditures shall be executed after the vote of the Executive Committee;

Donors will receive, including but not limited to, Bcann honors and the right to work at BcannDao based on the amount donated:

200,0000 TRX, founding member of Bcann, candidate for Executive Committee of BcannDao, 2 top-level domains;

100,0000 TRX, candidate for Executive Committee of BcannDao, 1 top-level domain;

50,0000 TRX, 1 top-level domain, community project bidding preferred.

Contributions to BCANN.
5.1 Encourage registration and donation of some domain names
5.2 Registries are encouraged to donate 1-3 digit domain names

Contact us: contribute@bcann.org